Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Last Year [in a nutshell]

Well, it turns out I have decided to blog. Which in turn, means, I have a whole year of updating to do. Fair warning: I am almost positive this will be a very long post, so bare with me. I will make it as simple as possible and just try updating the events that occurred month by month.

A lot of events transpired shortly after my last update. I am unsure as to why I have not had the desire to update this since then, but I am now going to dig back into it and note all the good, bad, and not so fun things that have transpired to this point in my life. Here goes nothing!

Rest of May 2011
*Other than our lovely anniversary we spent in Wilmington, NC, all my wonderful Georgia friends through me a baby shower! I was only 24 weeks pregnant, so it felt really too soon, but it turned out just perfect. My friends that threw it did an incredible job, and it was SO awesome to see so many friends from home. The decorations were fabulous and now most are used in the nursery! A HUGE thanks to Carolyn, Karly, and Ashley who threw it!

June 2011: 
*Summer at it's finest! I spent most of these days VERY pregnant, soaking up the sun, and enjoying our Pass of All Passes at 7 Peaks. I am sure I spent at least 2 days a week there, just soaking up the sun and enjoying the last days of freedom while I could.

July 2011:
This month was filled with many UPS, DOWNS, and even more Downs.

* First UP of the month was our 4th of July family reunion! We are always trying to do 4th of July family events, and I was very pleased with how this one turned out! It was the first one that took place somewhere other than Lake Lanier in Georgia, or at the Beach and I thought it was a success! Dustin's parents were in town during this time, so they were able to experience our family 4th, which I thought was pretty cool. We spent it at Deer Creek and rented a boat, although, I couldn't go on it, everyone else enjoyed it thoroughly! We also went to Park City that evening to watch the fireworks! It was tons of fun!

*The next big event was my Utah baby shower! Katie, My sister and  Tiffany threw me an awesome baby shower and I loved it! It was such a success, and I enjoyed seeing everyone! I was definitely more than ready for little Baby Kason to enter the world!

*Next comes a couple downs, unfortunately.`Note: Most of you reading this most likely already know the events that occurred, but this is also for journaling purposes :) When my cousins were in town, and we were having yet another day at 7 peaks, I got a phone call from my sister letting me know that things had gotten pretty bad with my Dad. He went in the hospital for a procedure around the 19th of July--none of us knew how serious it was, until we got the calls that it was probably time to make the trip back to Georgia to say our goodbyes to my Dad. This news, was devastating, and I will never forget the feelings I felt this very day. This was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. To go? Or not to go? I was 37 weeks pregnant when I found this information out. I spoke with my Dr. and he advised that I should go, and saw no progress with my pregnancy. So, we chose to go. We left the next day. We drove, seeing as plane tickets were outrageous. We thought we would be there maybe a week. Funeral included, but my Dad decided to hold on longer than expected.

August 2011:
*I must say, August of 2011 was by far the WORST and the BEST month of my entire life. We were still in Georgia come August. My Dad was lingering around and we didn't know what the best choice for us to do was. We were entirely torn. If we had stayed much longer than we had, I would have had to have the baby in Georgia, which financially, was not something we could do. On the other hand, was I to leave, and have to go through the pain of missing his funeral? It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make at that point in my life. But, with thoughtful prayers, and much thought, we knew what we had to do. We had to leave and take care of the baby that was soon coming. So, we bought some plane tickets and got ourselves back to Utah as quickly as possible. At this point, my Dad was still hanging on. He had regained consciousness, and made every one of us very aware of what he wanted at this point. He was ready to move on, and take the next steps towards his salvation. He was sent to Hospice just 3 days before we left. We all said our goodbyes and were on a plane August 12th. The next morning we got the call, that he has passed away the next morning around 3am on August 13th. We all knew it was just a matter or time and were happy that he was finally free from the pain and suffering he had been going through for many years.

*August 20th, 2011 was his funeral. I was unable to attend due to my baby being due just 9 days later. I again, had to make the choice to stay home, and miss the funeral. My husband, and Mother thankfully stayed back with me and helped me get through that day. The family that was left here celebrated his life by taking a walk up the canyon and doing it our own way. It was a sad day, but we all felt very peaceful and knew we would all see him again shortly. I don't know what I would have done without the knowledge of the gospel and eternal families and for that, I am so grateful.

*August 29th came rather quickly. I had my Dr's appointment that day, with little progression with my pregnancy, and we went ahead and had my induction scheduled for the following friday. (This was a Monday). I went about my business and attended my first day of class in the Elementary Education program. By the time I had gotten home from class, and Dustin had made me some dinner, I was having full blown contractions every 3-5 minutes and was in the worst pain I had ever experienced. We knew it was then time to make our way to the hospital. I got to the hospital, and had to suffer another 1-2 hours in triage so they could make sure I was progressing before sending me home. Luckily, I was progressing so they admitted me by 11pm and I had my epidural by 11:30. (Thank the heavens). I went about the night in full out labor without feeling a thing. *(including my legs!)*

*By 9:16 AM on August 30th, 2011 Kason was born. He was 7 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long. We made the choice to name him Kason Bill Brandon, Bill, after my Dad who just passed. We felt it was appropriate and fit the situation just perfectly. This was by far, the happiest day of my life. Kason was the healthiest little boy, and I was so happy to hold nothing but pure joy in my arms. August 30th, was a VERY good day.

September 2011
* I was finally home with baby. Emotions were run wild at this point. I had a really hard time deciding whether or not I could physically, as well as emotionally, get back to school. I was home with Kason for a week, and thought I had made the decision to just stay home and be a mom. I would start back in January when Kason would be about 4 months old. This sounded good, but then with much thought and prayer, I knew I could do it and get back into school. So, at the last minute that is what I chose to do. I contacted all my teachers, and let them know the situation and they were all very flexible and let me catch up on everything without any problems. This was a good choice.

*Dustin's parents came just a week after Kason was home and helped me out so much! I was so grateful for their help and the extra sleep I was able to get with them here.

* Adjusting to being a student with 16 credits, and a new mom, as well as just losing my dad was a lot for me to handle. Going to school, however, really helped me. I was able to get away for just a few hours Monday-Thursday and get back into the swing of life. I missed a total of 2 weeks of school, but it did not take long to get back up on my feet and move forward with life.

October 2011
* School, school, and more school. I was really getting into my major and loving the choice that I made to come back.

*We had Kason's first Halloween! We didn't do much seeing as Kason was still such a little guy. We dressed him up as a cute little pumpkin! Soon after actual Halloween, Katie threw a Halloween Party and lucky enough my sister was visiting! We all dressed up as the OTH characters! It was most definitely dorky, but we all enjoyed it very much! Kason wasn't even fussy :)

*Since my sister was in town this week, we chose to have Kason's blessing that Sunday. It was a great little blessing, and turned out so well. Since Kason was such a fussy little guy we were afraid that he may scream during the lesson. Lucky enough he was just perfect! After my friend Katie had a little luncheon prepared for us at the house! It was so nice of them, and we really enjoyed it!

November 2011
* Student Teaching! Finally, my first experience of student teaching had approached. This semester we had been focusing on the upper grades in all of my classes so our student teaching also occurred in the upper grades. I was in a 6th grade classroom at Geneva Elementary in Orem. I had so much fun! It was not at all how I would expect 6th grade to be. I was pretty nervous going into it, but left feeling so happy that I was able to experience that. Still, not a fan of teaching 6th grade, but it definitely made me realize that I really could be happy in any grade. We just student taught for about 3 1/2 weeks up until Thanksgiving.

*Dustin's sister and husband came into town for Thanksgiving. We were so excited seeing as this was the first time they met Kason! He was barely 3 months old, but it was still so fun to have them!

December 2011
My first semester as a new mom, and of my program was a success! I survived, and with all A's! I was very proud of my self and felt very accomplished. It was the perfect end to a very emotional semester! Not to mention, it was my first time ever, making the Dean's List!

*Christmas was awesome. We finally, for the first time since we got married, were able to spend Christmas in Utah! We have always either been in Georgia, or Arizona. Since we had no super great reason to be in Georgia, and Kason was still young, we chose to spend it here, with my Family since my mom is still pretty sick, and we don't know how many Christmas' she still has, so Dustin's parents came to us. It was busy as always, but so fun. Kason still didn't seem to care to much about his gifts, but we couldn't help but shower him with them! It was definitely a memorable Christmas and I look forward to so many more with the little man!

January 2012
* Not too much happened in January. I started my second semester of my program and was immediately busy with school. This month was very busy with lots and lots of busy work. It seemed my weeks and days flew right on by.

*By this time Kason was rolling over and already 5 months old! I couldn't believe how fast time was flying right on by.

February 2012

This year, Valentines was pretty low key, but Dustin being the great husband that he is, clean the entire house from time to bottom, and had a very nice dinner ready for me when I got home from class. It was so nice to come home to a clean house, and a nice dinner! We put Kason to bed, and enjoyed a nice movie to end the night! It was perfect.

*We finally started getting Kason to eat solids. He was definitely a slower mover onto the solids, he did ok with the rice cereal and veggies, but not so much on the fruits! It was a work-in-progress (Still is!).

March 2012
* Spring break! Finally, a break from school. It was SO nice to have a few weeks off just to breath. We had spring break, and then after spring break was 3 weeks of student teaching! So, technically, we had a month off of going to class, which in my opinion, was really nice! For spring break we took a trip to Arizona for a week. It was Kason's first trip to Mesa, and it was a good little get away. He had lots of fun with Grandma and Grampa Brandon and many pictures were captured!

*Student teaching was great. I student taught 1st grade and loved it! It was so different than 6th grade so it took some getting used to on terms of management and attention getters. I really still enjoyed every bit of it. It was far more busy than student teaching the semester before, which I really wasn't expecting, but it all ended well! We did a lot of activities based around a camping theme, which the kids loved and so did we!

*Kason was sitting up all by himself and eating solids like a champ! (Minus fruit) He sure did love his veggies though!

April 2012
*Student teaching ended about the first week of April and then suddenly, EVERYTHING was due! It was the busiest month I have had since well, before I can remember! All of our student teaching projects were due the very first week we went back to school. Then the next week all of our end of semester projects were due, and then finally, it was finals and well, more projects were due! I couldn't remember the last time my life had been SO insanely busy. It was seriously one project after another, and my poor house suffered severely with all those crafty projects going on! I was SO relieved come finals week. I came out of this semester again, with all A's which made me very happy and please that I got through my first year of my program with straight A's on top of being a new Mom! I was pretty proud of myself! :))

May 2012: Finally, we're CURRENT!
*Finally, things have settled down! The first of this month I got the opportunity to fly out to Dallas to meet my step mom, Jen and my sister! It was just a quick little get-away but much needed! I got to finally relax from school, and enjoy some family time! I have not been back to Dallas in at least 10 years so it was so good to be back. I forgot how beautiful it is there, and REALLY enjoyed it! I spent alot of time with my Uncle Don, and got to see cousins I have not seen in years! All of the family I saw had never met Kason so it was so good to take him around to meet all of this family that I haven't even seen in forever! They all absolutely loved him! We just went from family get together, to family get together! It was a very busy weekend but I had tons of fun! It was, however, Kason's first airplane trip! So, that was definitely an adventure! He did very well, though! Cried a bit on the way there, but no one heard a peep from him on the way home! He was such a trooper, although I wondered if he slept at all all weekend long. Hopefully in time, he will sleep better out of town!

*The very next weekend was my Anniversary! So soon, right? It was our 4 year Anniversary and Dustin planned a weekend in Park City! We actually stayed at the same place we stayed for our 1 year anniversary, just chose to find a place with 2 rooms so we could bring Kason. Surprisingly, he slept perfectly so we got to enjoy our weekend! We did some shopping at the outlets, and enjoyed the site seeing of park city! On that Saturday we checked out, and spent the day at City Creek in Salt Lake. We had so much fun, and wow, that mall is just amazing! We ended the night by going to the Cheesecake Factory and had lots of fun! It was a great weekend with just the 3 of us and I couldn't have asked for anything more!

*Mother's Day was wonderful! We made sure we would be back from our little weekend in time to spend Mother's day with my mom! We really enjoyed it. We decided to go to church with her and had a family dinner over there with the rest of my siblings that night. We had a lot of fun. It was so good spending this Mother's Day with my Mom. Last Mother's day I was in Georgia, and it was good to spend it with my step mom and Dad, of course, so this one definitely brought back some memories of my Dad, but joyful, nonetheless!

*Summer time outside parties! We have been spending alot more time outside, now that Kason is much more mobile and can get bored inside much more easily. It's also a plus having nice weather! We are finally getting to know other friends around the Huntington and we have had a lot of fun doing so! Kason is finally starting to like the water, the more and more we get him used to it! We can't wait for more summer festivities to come!

Hope it's ok that I stole your pic- Lyndsey!

*KASON IS FINALLY CRAWLING! He has been mobile, and gets to where he wants to whenever he wants, he just was always to lazy to get up on all fours and take off. Finally, last week, the 17th I believe, he took off! He is also climbing up onto furniture now, and walking along the couches and entertainment center. He is definitely a busy little man and keeps us SO SO busy! We love him so much and can't get enough of his cuteness! I just really can't believe how fast he is growing! I hope it slows down soon! (Not likely).

*Memorial Day Weekend was very chill this year. We spent the night before and day over at my mom's just hanging out. We did a little bit of shopping, but just took it easy. Kason enjoyed lots of Grandma time, and just little bit of outside time. We were going to take a trip to the Zoo with our friends, but the day just flew right by and didn't work out with the nap schedule. It was still a nice holiday, would have been nicer if the weather was nice enough to go to 7 peaks! Oh well!

Well, those of you who have endured to the end, THANK YOU! Although, I don't blame you if you skipped around. That was A LOT to read! I really wanted to update everything since Kason is growing so fast, and to have those memories documented! I hope to update at least once a month, so keep your fingers crossed! :]

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To blog? Or Not to blog?

That is the question!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To 3 Years! Wilmington, NC

We just recently got back from visiting the East Coast so I have not found time to update on what we have been up to for the past month until now! So, here I am finally updating! May 10th, 2011 was our 3 year Anniversary! Yay to 3 years of complete bliss! We decided to celebrate our anniversary a weekend early due to being in Georgia visiting friends and family and of course, my Georgia baby shower was the weekend of our anniversary. SO, we took a trip up to Wilmington, NC to spend our anniversary weekend.

As most of you know, Dustin and I absolutely love the show One Tree Hill. It is basically one of our top most favorite shows and one of our favorite things to do is well, watch One Tree Hill together. I know, we are kind of pathetic, but hey at least we both love it! So, Wilmington, NC is only 6 hours from my home in Georgia so we drove up for set tour they do on weekends and to visit all the different filming locations of the show. It was SO fun and we both absolutely loved doing something so different yet so exciting! (For us, at least)! If any of you reading my blog and don't watch one tree hill, the pics are meaningless to you, but if you do! Here are some shots of the locations we got! And unfortunately we did not get to take any pictures of the set tour due to it still being filmed and copyrights, etc.

Brooke's House!

The Famous "River Court"!


Can't forget Dan Scott's house, and the basketball hoop u can see through there is the same one they used in the show!

Lucas' House!

"The Bridge" in the opening credits!

Clothes Over Bros and Karen's Cafe! This is where they actually filmed the shop, but all the windows were covered with paper so we couldn't see inside!

Peyton's House!

Haley's House! (in High school)

The "Riverfront" Where they do lots of different scenes!

We definitely had many more silly pictures, but these were most definitely my favorites! We would totally do this all over again. Call us crazy, but we loved this little trip and had SO much fun. I am so glad we were able to do something unique and different before baby comes along! It was a blast and was a very Happy Anniversary for the two of us! <3