Monday, July 28, 2008

Life is good, Life is Happy, Life is Content. :)

Ok so, I have been meaning to update this dang blog for forever now but never found the time to do it! Soo, I am finally MAKING the time to update! Well, ever since we have been back in Utah things have been great! We have been working since we got back, and both full time--which has been so so nice. We both worked over time a few weeks ago and have had really good hours so we are hoping we can definitely get back up on our feet very soon. (which is currently in progress). Dustin also decided that he was going to keep his full time schedule and rearrange his school schedule for the fall, so we will both still be able to work full time--which is so relieving! Now, I wont have to worry so much about how I am going to make all the money when school starts. So, financially things are looking so much better than they were, and we are so glad to be all settled in.

We absolutely love our apartment! Yea, so when I first walked into it I was just kinda like...ok, whoa...this is small. Alot smaller than I was expecting...but now that we have all of our stuff moved in it is definitely much more cozy. It fits all of our stuff perfectly...and has a TON of storage space...which is my favorite part about it. The closets are huge..and we have a huuge pantry!! Very nice to have pantry space for the first time in forever! ha. So, we are all settled in and unpacked. Dustin's parents came up with us and helped us get a ton of stuff for the apartment to help us get on our feet. Seriously, if it weren't for them we would have like nothing. So we are so so grateful for everything our parents helped us out with into getting to where we are now. I definitely find ourselves very lucky for the parents we are blessed with. :)

So, we have been to our new ward about 2 weeks now and I already love it. Everyone is so friendly! It's nice to have girls actually come up to you and talk to you if they notice a new face now that they know there is no competition. The girls hardly ever came up to a new face in any of the singles wards I lived in out here. So, that change is really nice. However, there are so so so many people with kids in my ward. It's insane! I have never seen so many babies in one ward...but then it makes me realize that I can wait. I can just play with everyone else's until we are ready. :) haha. But it's fun. I like it alot here, so we will see how long we end up staying. Hopefully for a while.

Ok, so enough about all the boring stuff. Other than work, life, and well the general stuff...things are going great! It's so fun to have friends again! And, actually get to see them and hang out with them. So, we have been doing alot of catching up with friends, and well catching up with some actual dates once again. This weekend was definitely a blast. Friday night we hung out with Alisha and watched the Guardian...might I add, the best move in the entire world!! If you have not seen it--you should definitely go watch it! So, that was good. I hadn't hung out with her in forever so it was really nice to catch up with her. Dustin and I went and hiked the Y for the first time this weekend. Oh my gosh, worst hike ever! It was soo steep. I was complaining the whole way up..however, I still managed to have a great time. It was nice to do it, just so I could say that I have hiked the Y! haha. After that, we went to the Veterans pool in Provo. Seriously, SO FUN. We got in for only 2 bucks and they had 2 huge waterslides...that were a ton faster than I thought they would be! It was soo fun!! We had a great time. We also got the fun opportunity to watch my nephew Jayden last weekend and keep him over night. Yea, you would think that would be hard work...but he is SO easy! Didn't whine or complain once. It was great!!...but now, I am having withdrawals and miss him again! haha Soo--ever since we got here we have just been having a great time. I can now honestly say--Life is good, life is happy, and life is content! :)

Next time I will try posting sooner so when I do update my blog wont be 10 miles long!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Have I ever mentioned just how much I absolutely love thunderstorms? Well, I do. I always have. They have always just really excited me. .... Except when I have to drive through them. We have been witnessing many many crazy thunderstorms out here in the desert for the past week. While we were driving back to New Mexico from Mesa, we drove through 4 severe thunderstorms. 4 thunderstorms in a 6 hour time span. I seriously thought I was gonna die. Let's just say I don't exactly like driving through them. I would much rather just watch them from inside of the garage. :) Then when we get to Las Cruces for a couple days there was nothing but thunderstorms that entire week. And when it rains in the desert...boy, does it RAIN. The morning before we left to drive back to Utah, Las Cruces was on a Flash Flood warning. Well to me, that sounded like no big deal. It rained all the time in Georgia, what was the big deal here? Ha, little did I know. It was raining all morning and we wanted to get out of the house by 8am. We got out by about 9:30 instead, only because the rain slowed us down. Dustin's family lives in a flood zone so whenever it rains like that....they have to watch it. There is an arroyo right outside his house to keep from all the flowing water to stream right down into his entire yard...however, the arroyo will only hold so much water. Once it gets too full it just starts flowing down his street!! So, his street literally looked like a flowing river!! So, we had to get out of there fast. It was so so crazy, I had never seen anything like it before! Kinda ironic? I am from of the rainiest places in the south--yet, never seen anything like that. Then of course we got to drive through even MORE rain the whole way up to utah--by the time we got to North New Mexico the rain finally stopped and we have seen clear skies since then, but man! That week was so crazy. Firstly, I have never seen New Mexico wet...and the next thing I know--Dustin's yard is filling up with huge water puddles! It was definitely a sight to see!I just thought this picture looked like a huge tornado from far away when it was really just rain so I had to take it! :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July is just my favorite Holiday...

Every year on the 4th of July we have a family reunion type thing with my Dad's side of the family on Lake Lanier, and this is the first year we have gone without doing it because everyone saw eachother at my wedding in May. It's just weird not being around my family this year.

.and i just really miss my family.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finally, looking UP!

So, I can finally say things are starting to look up for us. Seems like this is the first time all summer something has actually decided to go our way. Well, unfortunately things never seemed to workout for us down here in Mesa. We looked for jobs everyday for a month. Well we couldn't just keep looking so we all had this grand idea that just decided to hit everyone of my family members at the same time. "Why not just go back to Utah?? You both have secure jobs, and that's where you will be staying all year anyways!" Yeah, why we didn't decide to do that in the first place...well, I guess we will never know. So, we started looking for apartments and as of two days ago, have an apartment signed and ready to go! It all just seemed to work out perfectly. Yea, so it sucks that this is our 3rd time moving this Summer--but it will be the last time for the next year. ANND, I get to have friends again! yeah! SOO, everything thus far is looking up for us. We are leaving Mesa with his parents after this weekend. They are coming out here for the 4th! Then we will head up to Utah by Thursday; so we will be working by Monday! Thank goodnessss! It will be so nice to get settled into one place that we know we wont be leaving, and to just get everything back to the norm. We are definitely much more positive and feel that this is what we should have done from the start. But hey, you live and you learn...

Aside from all that, we have enjoyed being in Mesa. However, I really do not know if I could handle the heat forever. It has been SOO hot. Like, no cooler than 110 degrees everyday. So, basically we have gone swimming in the pool every single afternoon. Only way to keep us from going insane from the heat. It's been a good time! We are excited for his parents to be coming tomorrow for the 4th of July...oh, how i looove the 4th of July! However, this is definitely my first year without being surrounded by my whole family. Every 4th of July usually everyone from my family flies out to Georgia and we spend 4th of July on Lake Lanier. So, it probably won't be quite so fun this year...but it will be a good time with Dustin's family. Had we still been in Sacramento we would be on our own with no family! That would have been a bummer. So we are definitely grateful for Dustin's family!