Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dustin's Birthday Surprise!

Or not so much the "surprise". It appears that I am really bad at hiding things from my husband. Me, and my sister decided to throw a surprise party for Dustin about a week and a half before his birthday. Was not so sure I could keep something like that away from him for that long without giving away any hints. Well, I guess the whole fact that my phone kept getting texts and random people kept calling me it was hard for him not to have a feeling something was going on. However, he sure did go along with it pretty good. Didn't bring it up once all weekend...until he walked into the "SURPRISE!"....and his first words he uttered were "I KNEW IT!" haha. So much for the surprise! But it was a good one anyways. It turned out REALLY well, and we all had a TON of fun. My lovely little sister and friends sure decorated quite nicely...and had t he floor covered in balloons...which the boys ended up having a little too much fun with. But it all went really well and everyone had a great time. A few of Dustin's mission buddies came, along with a bunch of other friends here and there. It was such a good turn out and we were so glad that our closest friends could make it over to surprise Dustin with all this attention. (which I am sure he loved.) :) But anyways, I was just glad Dustin had a great Birthday weekend full of Dinners, fun, and surprises. I also enjoyed it seeing as this was the first surprise party I have thrown anyone and apparently the first surprise party Dustin has gotten--so it was great for the both of us and we both enjoyed every minute of it!! (we didn't get too many pictures cuz we are all so busy socializing but I managed to catch one at the end before all the late stayers took off)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dustin!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUSTIN!!!! I love you, and am so happy I got to spend yet, another year with you! I hope it's amazing because you definitely deserve it! Thank you for everything you do for me and remember how much I love you!

I know he very rarely even checks this thing but I thought I would go ahead and give him a shout out on his special day!! :)