Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To 3 Years! Wilmington, NC

We just recently got back from visiting the East Coast so I have not found time to update on what we have been up to for the past month until now! So, here I am finally updating! May 10th, 2011 was our 3 year Anniversary! Yay to 3 years of complete bliss! We decided to celebrate our anniversary a weekend early due to being in Georgia visiting friends and family and of course, my Georgia baby shower was the weekend of our anniversary. SO, we took a trip up to Wilmington, NC to spend our anniversary weekend.

As most of you know, Dustin and I absolutely love the show One Tree Hill. It is basically one of our top most favorite shows and one of our favorite things to do is well, watch One Tree Hill together. I know, we are kind of pathetic, but hey at least we both love it! So, Wilmington, NC is only 6 hours from my home in Georgia so we drove up for set tour they do on weekends and to visit all the different filming locations of the show. It was SO fun and we both absolutely loved doing something so different yet so exciting! (For us, at least)! If any of you reading my blog and don't watch one tree hill, the pics are meaningless to you, but if you do! Here are some shots of the locations we got! And unfortunately we did not get to take any pictures of the set tour due to it still being filmed and copyrights, etc.

Brooke's House!

The Famous "River Court"!


Can't forget Dan Scott's house, and the basketball hoop u can see through there is the same one they used in the show!

Lucas' House!

"The Bridge" in the opening credits!

Clothes Over Bros and Karen's Cafe! This is where they actually filmed the shop, but all the windows were covered with paper so we couldn't see inside!

Peyton's House!

Haley's House! (in High school)

The "Riverfront" Where they do lots of different scenes!

We definitely had many more silly pictures, but these were most definitely my favorites! We would totally do this all over again. Call us crazy, but we loved this little trip and had SO much fun. I am so glad we were able to do something unique and different before baby comes along! It was a blast and was a very Happy Anniversary for the two of us! <3

Monday, April 11, 2011


So, it's been a little while since I have updated this blog so i figured i better!

Things have been going pretty well. Dustin and I spent the weekend sick so that is never any good. He was sick with the stomach bug all weekend, and I just had a cough so I wasn't quite as sick as he was. Let's cross our fingers that I don't catch it! I am just glad we are feeling fine and well as of today. We will see what happens in the next few days!

We both can't wait that the school year is coming to an end. We are both so anxious to be done and focus on our time together without having school to worry about. Also, so we can really focus on getting this ready for our new little man that'll be here right as school starts! Some updates on our upcoming school: Dustin found out he will be graduating in 1 year from now instead of 1 1/2 years! We were so excited to come to this realization. However, it does mean that Dustin will be doing Summer school. But hey, at least he will be done shortly! Me: I GOT INTO MY PROGRAM! Yes, and I am so excited to say the least! I wasn't too worried, but to know that I don't have to worry about where my education could go was quite the relief. I start in the Fall, and yes, I am aware that this is the same time my baby is due--but we will see how it all pans out. I am shooting to keep it up, but if all else fails I will have to defer to the spring. I am optimistic that it is going to work out however. The nice thing is I am only gone 3 hours a day
and I think that is manageable; But hey..ask me again in October:) The biggest factor will be when little baby brandon decides to entire this world. My first day of class is Aug 29th and my due date is well, Aug 29th...so it will be a mystery as to how it will all pan out. We are interested to see when he decides to come!
Baby Update: Doing well. We have spent more visits in the Dr. office than we would like but everything seems to be going well. Baby's Heartbeat was 153 today, and measuring right where he should be at 20 weeks! The past couple times I have been in my blood pressure has been a little high so the Dr. is having me come in more frequent to see that we get that under control. So far, it's nothing serious but we will keep everyone posted! We are very thrilled to be half way there!

Well, our 3 year anniversary is in less than a month and we are so excited. We will be going to Georgia as soon as school gets out for 2 weeks and we can't wait. My Dad's condition is worsening so we want to get out there and see him as much as possible. We figured it would be best to get out there earlier in my pregnancy rather than later. We plan on spending the first weekend we are there at the beach for our 3rd year anniversary and can't wait for our little getaway to NC and then to SC to see Alisha and finally back to Ga to spend the remainder of our time! It is our last anniversary just the two of us so we wanted to make it special! We are excited for the upcoming Summer events and can't wait to get things rolling!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The verdict is........

It's A BOY!!!!!!

That's right everyone! We are having a little baby boy and we could not be any more excited!!!

Dustin knew the whole time it was a Boy and I had a feeling it was a boy too and it looks like we were both right! We had the joy of being able to find out about a month early and there was definitely no mistaking it was a boy!!

[[Here is the evidence]]!

ps--if you want more detailed updates of the pregnancy check out:

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Time!

Ok, so I am sure most of you who read this already know I am pregnant, but I couldn't forget to add this to my blog! Yep, It's true. We are having a baby!! At this point we are 14 weeks, and are ecstatic to find out the sex!! I really have not a single clue as to whether it will be a boy or a girl, so we are just anxious to finally find out!!

I have actually been feeling great. Granted I am now entering my 2nd trimester and most people start feeling great right about now, but I actually have not been sick one time throughout the entire pregnancy thus far. I don't want to jinx it by any means, but I am just being honest. During the first 6-8 weeks I had little to NO appetite. Felt sick occasionally, but my biggest complaint was my lack of wanting to eat. Well, that is no more. My appetite has come back with a vengeance. However, I have now encountered lots and lots of horribly annoying headaches. That is probably my biggest complaint currently. I do feel quite lucky and am grateful for this pregnancy thus far.

We are so excited to add another member to this family and can't wait for all the adventures that are right ahead of us! We are due August 29th an
d can't wait for that day to come! (Or somewhere around there)!

Here's a pic of my very first ultrasound when the baby was 10 weeks and 1 day!:)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas and other end of the year Festivities!

So, this year we were able to spend Christmas in Georgia with my wonderfully amazing Dad! It was a great time. We were there about two weeks and it was so good to be able to just relax, hang with family, and see old friends. We were so busy with all the people we wanted to see there were still so many things we wanted to do but did not get a chance. Ah well. Such is life, right? Well the first week we were there pretty much consisted of nothing but SHOPPING!! Yes, we procrastinated our christmas shopping so we didn't have to travel with so many gifts! But we did get to enjoy the Mall of GA once again and I definitely loved every minute of it! :)

Christmas eve we all enjoyed decorating gingerbread houses and decided it has become the newest tradition of our family. Dustin and I by far was the best.... in our opinion of course! But we had tons of fun doing it!!

Christmas was loads of fun full of lots and lots of exciting surprises! I enjoyed yet another Christmas in the South. The best part was getting to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS!....in Georgia! That is not something you hear about every year. In fact, that was the first white Christmas in Georgia in almost 100 years! So, it was really cool that we were able to be there for that! It was too bad my Mama had to miss out. :(

The next week we spent a majority of our time seeing old friends. I really enjoyed seeing all my good ole' Georgia friends. It had been almost 2 years since I had seen most of them so it was nice! For new years we just spent it with my family. It was the night before our torturous drive so we just thought it would be best to have more family time and we enjoyed every minute of it. We played Rummy and just hung out until the peach drop! :) Can't wait to go backkk!