Monday, September 22, 2008

BYU Football!

So, basically--BYU Football is AMAZING. I absolutely love love love going to all of the football games. It is always sooo much fun! It's funny to realize just how much I have become a fan of BYU Football. HOWEVER, Georgia will still and always will be my #1 Football team--BUT THEN BYU! I am telling you, every single game I attend, BYU shuts out the other team. I can honestly tell you that I have never been to a BYU game that we have lost. NEVER. Yea, I haven't been to every game of the season in the past...but every single game I have been to thus far, it has been a shut out game. Pretty amazing, I must say. Last weekend we went to the BYU - UCLA game, and it was ridiculously AMAZING. Fumble, after fumble. It was incredible!! I loved every minute of it! 59-0!!! It really does not get much better than that! THEN, this weekend we play Wyoming. 44-0!!! ANOTHER amazing game!!! And now BYU is 11 in the rankings... Pretty freakin amazing. However, Georgia is still number 3 in the Nation--so BYU doesn't really compare...but hey!! BYU isn't too far behind. I just seriously looove going to all those BYU games and I am very much looking forward to the rest of the season! AHH! The joy of football season!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Camping, Finally!

So, we finallllly
 decided to go camping! I was so so super excited! I have wanted to go camping all summer, so we finally got to go! However, we did end up going in September so it was prettttty cold!  We had a ton of fun though! We went up to Payson Lakes, Utah which is like wayyy up the mountains of Mount. Nebo. We were higher than 7,000 feet in Elevation. Yeah, I didn't know that fact before we went. I swear we were like at the top of the mountain! Or atleast, that's what it seemed. So, by the time we go to our campsite....I already needed a sweater. Kinda crazy, I know...but I guess it was only expected. This was Utah we were camping in, rather than Georgia where it stays the same temperature all day and all night long. Not quite the same out west. Anyways, we met up there with Alisha and Mike. It was definitely a good time. They already had camp set up by the time we got there so that was kinda nice. After I got there me and Alisha decided to go buy some firewood. Yea, we ended up spending like 20 bucks on fire wood ended up being JUST enough! Alisha and Mike made us some reallly good tin foil dinners. Yea, it took like forever and a day to cook but it was still really good. So we just roasted marshmallows before we ate dinner. A little backward, I know--but heyy we had a good time and it was well worth it. It got soo cold by the time it got dark. I had to put layers on to keep me warm...and well, stay by the fire like the whole night. It was fun though. The night--on the other hand--was another story. 
Whenever I go camping--and it's cold throughout the night, well--it doesn't go over too well. I can NEVER fall asleep when I am cold and camping...and the funny thing is, I really wasn't all that cold. My sleeping back, plus my layers, plus Dustin holding my tight pretty much kept me as warm as I needed to be....but I still didn't fall asleep until like 4 in the morning. And, of course everytime I had to go to the bathroom I made Dustin wake up and walk me there...Poor Dustin. He may have actually gotten a good night sleep if it weren't for me. haha. Anyway--by the time it was morning..well, we all slept i since most of us were up most of the definitely makes such a huge different in temperature when the sun is shining opposed to when it's not. Then amazing, Dustinnnn made us some fabulous camp fire pancakes! ...Ruined the pan in the process, but made us some great breakfast! Then we took a walk down to the Payson Lakes..since we camped at Payson Lakes...we kinda wanted to actually see the Lake. So, that was pretty much Dustin's exploring time...He loves the outdoors! Overall, we really had a great time. The first time we both went camping and now I really look forward to next Summer when we can go camping again!!...and it wont be so cold!! haha

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's time for a new job...seriously.

So, I must say that today, work literally sucked. Sometimes, I hate hate HATE my job with a very strong passion. Sure, most of the time it's great. It's easy, I don't really ever have to worry about something not going right at my job. Sounds pretty simple. Which most of the time it is. I usually get myself up in the morning and off to work with my book handy. I get in there, set up my interviewing station, and start dialing. At my job, they specifically tell us that we can play computer games, or read while dialing all we want. They do this so that we don't all go insane from doing nothing but dialing for 7 in a half hours straight every day. So, that's what I do...I either sit there and play mine sweeper, solitaire, or read my book. So today was the very last day of our project...It was slow, and well, boring. I got really no leads, and lots of DQ's. Well, usually that is not a problem as long as I am making my calls, which I most certainly was. However, one of the project directors didn't seem to think so. So, usually between 1 and 2 the job is ALWAYS slow. We get almost all answering machines or... "out to lunch"s, that is usually when I get into my book while I am on the dialer. Well, today one of the Project Director's decided to sit in the calling room and well, dial. So I guess during that time she decided to "observe" me. Well, apparently while she observed me she made the big assumption that I was not dialing, so she tried to have me sent home. Well when my supervisor Bruce brought that to my attention--i was NOT happy. Not one tiny bit. Infact, I pretty much had a melt down. Silly, I know but firstly--we have pretty much NO work this week which is stressful enough, and then she tried having me sent home for something that CLEARLY was not true?? Yeah, doesn't exactly fly with me. So I went to Bruce, and Dave and told them how I did not think that was fair at all, because I know for a FACT I was dialing...consistently. I told them they could even look up on the call log and see that I was dialing consistently, and of course they believed me because they know I don't usually just slack off and not call. So, they let me stay. BUT, that did not changed the fact as to how upset I was. I just do not think it's fair that someone can do that without giving any kind of evidence to prove that kind of thing. Just gave me much much more motivation to go out and continue looking for another job. Or a second one atleast, so during times like these, where we have no work...I can count on something.

Ok, I'm done venting. :)