Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Year, New Start!

So, with the new year I thought a great resolution would be to start writing in my blog....not once every 6 month, and not once a year...but regularly. I plan to keep that resolution so we will see how well it goes...

I am not going to bother updating what has happened in the past several months, so I will just start from the new year. Life has been going great. Dustin and I just started school again for yet another semester. We are definitely hoping for the best. Classes are great so far. Hoping it will be a much lighter semester than the last. Last semester I was completely swamped, so I decided to go a little lighter this semester. That way I can actually work more than 10 hours a week. Yeah, that would definitely be a good thing. Dustin's last semester went really well, besides him catching the swine flu and being sick from October up until December. Somehow he still managed to pull off his whole semester with great grades minus one he had to drop. So far, so good.

The holidays were great. We spent Thanksgiving as well as Christmas and New years in Arizona with Dustin's family. It was definitely weird not seeing my family for any of those holidays but we sure did manage to have a great time. My mom is doing great with her Chemo, and my Dad is still truckin on with his illness. Somehow they both are still very strong and making it through each day. I am so grateful for them every day of my life. :)

Not too much else is going on in my life other than trying to get through school as fast as possible. Still have so far to go, but every semester I am just a little bit closer. Well that's all I really have to share for now, maybe I will remember to post when something exciting happens...that would be good.