Thursday, July 30, 2009

i'm the worst blogger ever

So, really. It's been forever, and I am not going to even try going back about everything that has happened in our lives since March. So, I'm just not. :)
Things have been pretty good. This Summer has flown right by. Me and Dustin have been working at Pinnacle Security. I have been working in the Customer Service dept, and Dustin has been flagging calls, and setting up accounts for new customers. It isn't exactly our "ideal" job, but it definitely pays the bills. It has also been the main cause for this Summer flying by. This Summer has been completely different than last Summer. Last Summer I swear, it felt like we had traveled around the world and back, and this Summer we have been to Georgia once, for a family reunion. That was fun. A little overwhelmingly exhausting for a one week vacation. But oh, totally worth it. We were able to go to Gulf Shores AL for the reunion which was at the beach, and we also got the chance to spend a day in Panama City Beach which is by far, my family's favorite beach! So we had a really great time. It was so so good to spend time with my parents. I just love love love them, and wish I could see them more. My Dad is seriously, the best Dad in the world! :) I just wish we could see him more. Speaking of the parents, my mom is actually doing fabulous. According to the Dr. her cancer is going away! Her cancer level in her blood has gone down from 56 to 7.8, and 2.4 or something like that is said to be the normal range. So, clearly her levels have significantly dropped--so we have ALOT of hope in the air. She gets her CT scan in mid-august, so that will tell us alot and what we have to do from there. But so far, SO GOOD. We are excited.

In about 2 weeks we get to go to Arizona for the weekend to visit our other family. The wonderful Brandon's! We are so so excited. You see, we used to see them, oh, atleast once every 2 months. But we have not seen them since February! Which has been much much too long! So we are very excited to see them. Especially now that Dustin's parents along with his sister both live in Mesa now, so we don't have to go between Las Cruces, and Mesa. SO, we are very excited to see them--especially since for once, WE DON'T HAVE TO DRIVE! It will give us TWO extra days to actually spend time with them! We are SO excited! And that will be the two summer vacations we get all sumer long. Then...SCHOOL! Which, i'm not going to lie, i am actually pretty excited for. I finally will be starting classes for my major, which is long over due. So I am ready, plus I need some time away from yelling, angry, irate customers.

Anyways, I think this is good for now. Maybe I will update again before next year.


Elizabeth Susan said...

Jessi! I am so glad you updated! YAY!

Mitch & Tiff said...

I miss your face and your lovin!

Tabitha said...

But the angry ones are the most fun! hahaha.

Devin and April Christensen said...

Hey sis! I just love you.. you are so awesome. I miss you guys.. I know I say that all the time, but it's true! Hope ya'll enjoyed thanksgiving in AZ... although I know that is a silly question... man... wish it were 75 degrees here! haha LOL Love ya girl!

Tiffany said...

You just never update your blog anymore...I thought I was bad! ;)