Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To 3 Years! Wilmington, NC

We just recently got back from visiting the East Coast so I have not found time to update on what we have been up to for the past month until now! So, here I am finally updating! May 10th, 2011 was our 3 year Anniversary! Yay to 3 years of complete bliss! We decided to celebrate our anniversary a weekend early due to being in Georgia visiting friends and family and of course, my Georgia baby shower was the weekend of our anniversary. SO, we took a trip up to Wilmington, NC to spend our anniversary weekend.

As most of you know, Dustin and I absolutely love the show One Tree Hill. It is basically one of our top most favorite shows and one of our favorite things to do is well, watch One Tree Hill together. I know, we are kind of pathetic, but hey at least we both love it! So, Wilmington, NC is only 6 hours from my home in Georgia so we drove up for set tour they do on weekends and to visit all the different filming locations of the show. It was SO fun and we both absolutely loved doing something so different yet so exciting! (For us, at least)! If any of you reading my blog and don't watch one tree hill, the pics are meaningless to you, but if you do! Here are some shots of the locations we got! And unfortunately we did not get to take any pictures of the set tour due to it still being filmed and copyrights, etc.

Brooke's House!

The Famous "River Court"!


Can't forget Dan Scott's house, and the basketball hoop u can see through there is the same one they used in the show!

Lucas' House!

"The Bridge" in the opening credits!

Clothes Over Bros and Karen's Cafe! This is where they actually filmed the shop, but all the windows were covered with paper so we couldn't see inside!

Peyton's House!

Haley's House! (in High school)

The "Riverfront" Where they do lots of different scenes!

We definitely had many more silly pictures, but these were most definitely my favorites! We would totally do this all over again. Call us crazy, but we loved this little trip and had SO much fun. I am so glad we were able to do something unique and different before baby comes along! It was a blast and was a very Happy Anniversary for the two of us! <3


adam.katie521 said...

What a cool way to spend your anniversary. I can't believe y'all have been married for 3 years now! WOW! I recognized some of the places in the pics. That is really cool that you got to see all of that.

Jessica said...

That's totally awesome! Cole and I love One Tree Hill too. :)

Claudia Laffita said...

WOW!! I really enjoyed ur pictures from NC, those One tree hill pics! Oh my! they're awesome! I really want to go there and take a pic of that amazing place...I really love ONe Tree Hill. I would like to know how to get to every place..I gues they're not in the same place...Could u tell me how to get to them, please??