Wednesday, May 26, 2010

work at home!

I just recently decided to start work at home. I am still working with Pinnacle Security, they just opened up the options for work at home and I took complete advantage of it!! Why drive to work when I can just wake up and work from home?? I thought it was a very good deal and totally went for it! This was my first day, and I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only do I not have to ever drive there again, but I save lots of money on gas! Dustin is actually going to be starting work from home, also which will be so nice to see him more than I did at the office. However, we will be in separate rooms but at least I still get to see him on my day off and his! Pretty good deal, not gonna lie.

I have a feeling this is giong to work out! For now :)

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