Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to the Books

Well, it's already that time of year again. September! ... Which means back to the books! So, far I think I will enjoy my classes this semester. Minus the whole mess up I did to myself with one of my elective classes. I was silly and dropped it before I added a different class which resulted in my losing my spot in both classes and being short 1 credit. I was going to take a different 1 credit class, but again decided I did not like the class enough to stick it out....So, instead of being full time hours this semester it looks like my full time hours will have to be next semester and I will be short 1 credit this semester. Such is life's little mistakes that result in bigger problems.

Other than that I do enjoy all of my other classes. I think it will be a good semester if I can stay on the ball while still working 30+ hours a week.

Other than school, life has been busy busy busy! If we are not at school we are working, and if we are not working we are either studying or hanging with friends. I feel like we have not stopped since we were in Arizona. Ohh, how I miss it alread
y! We enjoyed a great labor day weekend full of friends, hiking, and marathoning our new favorite show! One Tree Hill! ...yes, we probably already have enough shows to keep up with but somehow we go
t sucked into it, and yes there are almost 8 seasons so we have lots of marathoning to do before we catch up!

Labor day we hiked Battle Creek Trail with the married couplettes and enjoyed it you can s
ee I am sure! Enjoyed a movie at the end of the night, and my,
my, it was definitely a successful last holiday of the Summer season!! Here a
re some lovely pics of the enjoyment we had!
Can't forget our stop at In-N-Out!! :)

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