Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Events of October

My Birthday was the first even of October. A big thanks for my amazing husband who always always does a fantastic job of making sure I have the best birthday yet! Despite all the negative things that occurred during that time, I most definitely had a very memorable birthday and loved every minute of it. Dustin took me to the Cheesecake factory--by far, my favorite and threw me a surprise party and every person there was who I would have wanted to be there. (besides tiff of course, but that's ok-she was celebrating her annivers
ary!) I can't say I was really surprised about the party itself, I kind of saw it coming--but I was definite
ly surprised by everyone that was there to wish me a happy birthday! I thank everyone who came. I had a blast--and thank you Alisha for saving the day and helping Dustin out SO much:)

Because my long lost bestie was out celebrating her anniversary on my birthday her and her hubs made a special trip out the Monday after my Birthday. We went and grabbed some In-N-Out (my favv) And then decided to go on a... "halloween boat ride". It was fun getting to hang with Tiff and Mitch, and the boat ride, well...it was, cute. hahah. It was so good to see them though and I was grateful that they were able to make the trip down!
And well, other than all the craziness of school there hasn't been much of anything else going on. We were going to go to Freightmares at Lagoon this last Saturday but the aggrivating rain had to rain it out. However, we still went down to Salt Lake and hung out with Tiff and Mitch again--which was alot of fun as well. Gotta love football season! And this weekend we have an upcoming Halloween party! We are still trying to figure out our costumes so definitely MORE TO COME!:)

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Tiffany said...

It was great to see you so much the past few weeks! Isnt it sad that "so much" is only 2 times?? lame! But still great that we got to see ya'll! Love you!