Friday, January 28, 2011

Christmas and other end of the year Festivities!

So, this year we were able to spend Christmas in Georgia with my wonderfully amazing Dad! It was a great time. We were there about two weeks and it was so good to be able to just relax, hang with family, and see old friends. We were so busy with all the people we wanted to see there were still so many things we wanted to do but did not get a chance. Ah well. Such is life, right? Well the first week we were there pretty much consisted of nothing but SHOPPING!! Yes, we procrastinated our christmas shopping so we didn't have to travel with so many gifts! But we did get to enjoy the Mall of GA once again and I definitely loved every minute of it! :)

Christmas eve we all enjoyed decorating gingerbread houses and decided it has become the newest tradition of our family. Dustin and I by far was the best.... in our opinion of course! But we had tons of fun doing it!!

Christmas was loads of fun full of lots and lots of exciting surprises! I enjoyed yet another Christmas in the South. The best part was getting to have a WHITE CHRISTMAS! Georgia! That is not something you hear about every year. In fact, that was the first white Christmas in Georgia in almost 100 years! So, it was really cool that we were able to be there for that! It was too bad my Mama had to miss out. :(

The next week we spent a majority of our time seeing old friends. I really enjoyed seeing all my good ole' Georgia friends. It had been almost 2 years since I had seen most of them so it was nice! For new years we just spent it with my family. It was the night before our torturous drive so we just thought it would be best to have more family time and we enjoyed every minute of it. We played Rummy and just hung out until the peach drop! :) Can't wait to go backkk!

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