Saturday, February 26, 2011

Baby Time!

Ok, so I am sure most of you who read this already know I am pregnant, but I couldn't forget to add this to my blog! Yep, It's true. We are having a baby!! At this point we are 14 weeks, and are ecstatic to find out the sex!! I really have not a single clue as to whether it will be a boy or a girl, so we are just anxious to finally find out!!

I have actually been feeling great. Granted I am now entering my 2nd trimester and most people start feeling great right about now, but I actually have not been sick one time throughout the entire pregnancy thus far. I don't want to jinx it by any means, but I am just being honest. During the first 6-8 weeks I had little to NO appetite. Felt sick occasionally, but my biggest complaint was my lack of wanting to eat. Well, that is no more. My appetite has come back with a vengeance. However, I have now encountered lots and lots of horribly annoying headaches. That is probably my biggest complaint currently. I do feel quite lucky and am grateful for this pregnancy thus far.

We are so excited to add another member to this family and can't wait for all the adventures that are right ahead of us! We are due August 29th an
d can't wait for that day to come! (Or somewhere around there)!

Here's a pic of my very first ultrasound when the baby was 10 weeks and 1 day!:)


Andrea Marie said...

Yippieeeeee! I'm very excited for you guys. :)

Jaclyn and Devan Swallom said...

Super Duper CONGRATS!

Becca and Logan said...

Yay baby!

Cody and Lyndsey said...

congrats! that's so exciting! and be so glad that you haven't been sick, that's lucky! :) p.s. your blog background is super cute!