Saturday, March 12, 2011

The verdict is........

It's A BOY!!!!!!

That's right everyone! We are having a little baby boy and we could not be any more excited!!!

Dustin knew the whole time it was a Boy and I had a feeling it was a boy too and it looks like we were both right! We had the joy of being able to find out about a month early and there was definitely no mistaking it was a boy!!

[[Here is the evidence]]!

ps--if you want more detailed updates of the pregnancy check out:


adam.katie521 said...

Love the proof picture, hahahahaha. So excited for you and Dustin!

Andrea Taylor said...

How fun! That's awesome you got to find out so early, that waiting game is killer before you can find out what you're having!
have fun planning for your baby boy!

Heather and James said...

just so you know both your blogs are so cute! any boy names yet?

Jessica said...

Yes, Kason James! :) Hopefully it sticks for the next 5 months! And Thank you!!