Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Breaking Dawn!

I am finallyyyyyy reading Breaking Dawn! It seems like I am soo behind just because pretty much everyone I know had finished Breaking Dawn for what seems like forever ago. I would have been caught up wayy before it came out if I didn't have to give Eclipse back to my roommate before last semester ended. I got wayy into they whole Twilight series last semester and finished both books in like 2-3 weeks and then the end of the semester came and I had to give Eclipse back so I didn't have it all Summer long--with the wedding, then the honeymoon, and then all craziness in Sacramento and Mesa, things just got soo crazy that I didn't even have time to read or even think about Twilight! SOOO--I finally bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as soon as Breaking Dawn came out!! I guess all the uproar with Breaking Dawn got me back into it so I read Eclipse as fast as I could and I am now finallllly reading Breaking Dawn. I am still at the beginning--but from what I have only gets much much better so I am looking forward to finishing it!! woo!

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