Friday, August 15, 2008

work and play all the time!

So, I keep telling myself I will write in this more each post I make--yet it just never happens! Life has been so great! I am having so much fun. Work is going well--just the same ole' crazy boring stuff everyday--but hey, it pays the bills! Other than work, we have been doing soo many fun things lately. I don't even know where to begin. Well, I must say that Dustin and I finally came around to hiking the Y. All winter long, I kept bugging Dustin about how I wanted to hike it so we finally did. However, it wasn't much a matter of convincing Dustin. As summer was here, and we could finally hike it, I became more hesitant to do it--But we finally did! It most definitely was not my favorite hike. It looks alot easier than it is. It is definitely a tough one and as out of shape as I am--it would difficult. I really need to get back into shape! We still had tons of fun though. I think next time I want to hike it at night--I just think it would be so much prettier at night and less hot.

We also went tubing down the Provo river a few weeks ago. Man--was that a BLAST! I looooved it. The water was absolutely freeeezing but totally made it worth while. It was so hot and sunny that day that the water was just perfect. We went with Tiffany and Clint and had so much fun! I did fall out of the tube--not far down the river--which is only typical of course...and well, that was just a little scary for me. We were all holding onto each other so when we would ram into the side by all the bushes and trees...pretty much all of us would get a piece of it. Well, unfortunately I ended up being the 'lucky' one that fell in. It was sooooo cold and I could NOT get back on my tube for the life of me!! AND somehow, dustin managed to catch my flip flops that did not want to stay on me feet after I feel in. At the time, I really didn't care about my flip flops but he still managed to save them! :) He probably knew how much I would complain about not having them had he not saved them. haha. It was just alot of fun. We definitely enjoyed our time--and the it took us about 2 hours to get down! Not baddd. And silly us--just so happened to forget sunscreen. Yea, I got burnt. No one else did, oh but I did. Typical, right? ha.

Anyway, we have just been doing a lot of fun things for the remainder of the summer before Dustin has to get back into school mode again. Utah is definitely alot more fun in the Summer than it is in the Winter. There is just so much more to do--So we have been taking full advantage of it. This weekend was really great too. On Sunday we went to Dustin's mission president's homecoming. It was really fun. He had a great time seeing all of his old mission buddies, and well--it was nice for me to see a few familiar faces as well! There was also a general authority who spoke in his sacrament meeting as well so we definitely came on the right Sunday!! Then there was a open house at the Mission President's house for everyone and oh my gosh! I have never seen so much food in my life!! There was soooo much!! It was so good! I swear, it felt like Thankgiving over there! SOO we definitely enjoyed that. It made Dustin want to live in Bountiful. (that's where it was). It is so pretty there! He loves it. Then we went and hung out with Tiffany and Clint since we were already in the area and we all decided to go take a random trip into her favorite spot in the canyons. We had lots of fun!! Now we just really want to go camping.! Which we will be doing next weekend! woot!


Laura said...

How fun! I'm jealous you are going camping. I'm not brave enough to attempt doing that with a newborn. Maybe i'll go next summer. By the way...I obviously got the second invite you sent.

Tiffany said...

we're hott. that is all.