Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Breaking Dawn!

I am finallyyyyyy reading Breaking Dawn! It seems like I am soo behind just because pretty much everyone I know had finished Breaking Dawn for what seems like forever ago. I would have been caught up wayy before it came out if I didn't have to give Eclipse back to my roommate before last semester ended. I got wayy into they whole Twilight series last semester and finished both books in like 2-3 weeks and then the end of the semester came and I had to give Eclipse back so I didn't have it all Summer long--with the wedding, then the honeymoon, and then all craziness in Sacramento and Mesa, things just got soo crazy that I didn't even have time to read or even think about Twilight! SOOO--I finally bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as soon as Breaking Dawn came out!! I guess all the uproar with Breaking Dawn got me back into it so I read Eclipse as fast as I could and I am now finallllly reading Breaking Dawn. I am still at the beginning--but from what I have only gets much much better so I am looking forward to finishing it!! woo!

Monday, August 25, 2008

End of Summer Festivitiessss

Things have seriously been so so busy!! This weekend we did not do a single thing because we felt like we had been going going going non-stop! Not that I am complaining cuz we have had a blast--just busy! Last weekend we had alot of fun. We decided to go on another hike! woo! We hiked up to timpanogas cave with Tiffany and Clint. It was a ton of fun, but unfortunately we weren't able to get the cave tour. It was sooo packed that day and by the time we got up there the cave tours were sold out!! It was definitely a bummer!---Yet, we still managed to have a great time!! We have a ton of fun hanging out with Tiffany and Clint. They are so crazy, but we love them anyway! The hike seemed SO much easier than when I hiked up the Y with Dustin. Maybe because it was like ten times hotter than minus shade period! There was a tonn of shade on this hike and we were at a much higher elevation so it definitely made a big difference! It was about time I got another work out! And well, Dustin I think has pretty much figured out that I am not yet ready to do the biggg mount timp hike so he is slowly, gradually trying to prep me! haha.

At my work they gave us Lagoon tickets where we can get 8 people into lagoon at the prive of 20 bucks per person. So, we decided to take advantage of that and take last Monday off so we could enjoy a day at Lagoon. It was definitely worth the trip! Me and Dustin decided to have Tiffany and Clint come along with us. However, Clint couldn't make it until a little later cuz he had to work--but we still managed to have a great time! We spent most of our time at Lagoon A Beach while the sun was still out. The lines were a little ridiculous--but I guess that is only expected. I have to say I have been to better water parks than that but then again that was more of a theme park than a water park. However, Dustin sure did loooove the water park. That boy would live on a water slide if he could! haha, he is like a little boy whenever there are any water slides in view. He absolutely LOVES them!! It makes me laugh. :) Then as the afternoon went on we decided to call it quits at the water park and go ride some real rides!! Tiffany was soo determined to ride all the roller coasters that she had us RUNNING from ride to ride! She was soo intent in getting them done! It was hilarious. Dustin was literally like, dragging me and Tiffany was literally, like, dragging Clint. It was quite the amusement. We decided to leave Wicked, the new Lagoon roller coaster for last...and we did...and it was definitely a GREAT way to end the night! But mannnn, the anticipation while waiting for that ride was intense!! There is a huuuge 90 degree angle of a drop and watching that was making all of us crazyyyy! And, the fact that the line was so outrageous did not help at all! We finally got there and holy crappp we were freaking out!! And then it doesn't just ride you slowly up the first big drop like most roller coasters do--it...shoots you up like a rocket!! It was sooo crazy! But soooo fun!! The most twisty coaster I have been on in forever! wow! it was grrreat!! Perfect way to end the night! (:

Sooo, I don't know if it was Lagoon, or just having a crazy busy outdoorsy weekend but mannn the rest of the week was exhausting! It was soo hard to make ourselves get up by 6am for the rest of the week. We managed. Mostly. hah. But yea things have been crazy busy but we have been enjoying every minute of it! Speaking of work, it is going pretty well. However, things are starting to look just a littttle sketchy. It's kinda scary with this job cuz you just really never know when we are going to finish a project...and if there will be another project waiting for us...Usually not the case. :-/ It tends to take a few days or maybe even weeks for them to find more work once one of the big major projects are finished. ANNND, it is getting to that point again. We are about done with the big project we have basically been working on all summer long and well after Labor Day weekend we just really do not know what to expect. SOO we are crossing out fingers!!

Well this weekend we just randomly decided to take a trip to Mesa, AZ for Labor Day. I know, it seems like we just left from Mesa, right? haha. Well, we did. Maybe a little over a month ago but we just really miss Dustin's sister! So, yesterday we just had a spur of the moment idea to go to Arizona for the weekendd!! Why not?? ha. SO, that is what we are doing for Labor Day. We are actually really excited! We had a ton of fun with Tricia while we lived down there so I guess we have just been having withdrawals from being away from them now. Ha, I must say I am pretty lucky! I have awwwwesome in-laws! I love them!! They are always so much fun! So we are wayyy excited! Thennn back to school for Dustin! He is actually really excited to get back into school. Probably because he is starting his Major courses. He is taking 2 Computer Science classes and very excited about them. However, he does know he most likely wont like them at first..but we is glad he is finally getting into it so he can get through the hardest part...LEARNING IT! But yea, he is realllly hoping for a good intern this Summer so he is ready to work his butt off this year! So, we are looking forward for this year and in the meantime, I am trying to find me a second job! Dustin and I get off of work at our current job at 2:30 every day so it gives us a whollee afternoon and evening to do whatever, well thus far it has been great having the rest of the afternoon off--but now as soon as he gets off he will be rushing off to classes for the rest of the evening. So, what am I gonna do?? Oh, that's right! Find another job! :) Plus, we could really use the extra money with everything we are paying for currently, so hopefully I will have success! Hopefully all this busy-ness I keep speaking of...will only continue!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

work and play all the time!

So, I keep telling myself I will write in this more each post I make--yet it just never happens! Life has been so great! I am having so much fun. Work is going well--just the same ole' crazy boring stuff everyday--but hey, it pays the bills! Other than work, we have been doing soo many fun things lately. I don't even know where to begin. Well, I must say that Dustin and I finally came around to hiking the Y. All winter long, I kept bugging Dustin about how I wanted to hike it so we finally did. However, it wasn't much a matter of convincing Dustin. As summer was here, and we could finally hike it, I became more hesitant to do it--But we finally did! It most definitely was not my favorite hike. It looks alot easier than it is. It is definitely a tough one and as out of shape as I am--it would difficult. I really need to get back into shape! We still had tons of fun though. I think next time I want to hike it at night--I just think it would be so much prettier at night and less hot.

We also went tubing down the Provo river a few weeks ago. Man--was that a BLAST! I looooved it. The water was absolutely freeeezing but totally made it worth while. It was so hot and sunny that day that the water was just perfect. We went with Tiffany and Clint and had so much fun! I did fall out of the tube--not far down the river--which is only typical of course...and well, that was just a little scary for me. We were all holding onto each other so when we would ram into the side by all the bushes and trees...pretty much all of us would get a piece of it. Well, unfortunately I ended up being the 'lucky' one that fell in. It was sooooo cold and I could NOT get back on my tube for the life of me!! AND somehow, dustin managed to catch my flip flops that did not want to stay on me feet after I feel in. At the time, I really didn't care about my flip flops but he still managed to save them! :) He probably knew how much I would complain about not having them had he not saved them. haha. It was just alot of fun. We definitely enjoyed our time--and the it took us about 2 hours to get down! Not baddd. And silly us--just so happened to forget sunscreen. Yea, I got burnt. No one else did, oh but I did. Typical, right? ha.

Anyway, we have just been doing a lot of fun things for the remainder of the summer before Dustin has to get back into school mode again. Utah is definitely alot more fun in the Summer than it is in the Winter. There is just so much more to do--So we have been taking full advantage of it. This weekend was really great too. On Sunday we went to Dustin's mission president's homecoming. It was really fun. He had a great time seeing all of his old mission buddies, and well--it was nice for me to see a few familiar faces as well! There was also a general authority who spoke in his sacrament meeting as well so we definitely came on the right Sunday!! Then there was a open house at the Mission President's house for everyone and oh my gosh! I have never seen so much food in my life!! There was soooo much!! It was so good! I swear, it felt like Thankgiving over there! SOO we definitely enjoyed that. It made Dustin want to live in Bountiful. (that's where it was). It is so pretty there! He loves it. Then we went and hung out with Tiffany and Clint since we were already in the area and we all decided to go take a random trip into her favorite spot in the canyons. We had lots of fun!! Now we just really want to go camping.! Which we will be doing next weekend! woot!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Soo, I have always had this weird emotional thing towards a relationship between a Daddy and their daughter. Like, everytime I see a movie that shows this touching, emotional bond between the daughter and the dad just comes to me to be soo touching. I dunno, it's kinda strange. Me and my dad haven't always had the best relationship in the world--but it has been almost 100% rekindled within the last 6 months. It's amazing. It was like, from the time I had to tell him I was going to be getting married and having no clue as to what I was going say to him, to me knowing just how incredibly proud he was of me on the actual day I got married. It was like night and day. Throughout the past few years things have just been more difficult for the two of us. I just never used to feel like I could talk to him, and whenever I did talk to him--it would just never turn out the way I wanted it to. I just never felt as close to him as I am with my Mom. Maybe it's because 70% of my life I spent living with my mom and only seeing my Dad on occasion. Throughout that time, I never really realized just how important it is to have a close relationship with your dad. Especially if you are a girl. It's just like, having that relationship and bond with your Dad, makes things feel so much more secure. Makes you feel so much more loved. I was always so insecure about little petty things, and I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I didn't have much of a relationship with my Dad. It is just so good to know that I have that relationship and bond with him back. I never realized just how much I missed him until everything came back together again. It is so great to just know and feel the love that a Father gives you. I am so grateful for the Father that I have. He has done so much for me and Dustin and has helped us in so many more ways than one. It is just so great to know that I can just call up my Dad to tell him hi, instead of just calling him whenever I needed to talk to him. Now, it's out of choice, and love. It just seems like life was so much harder not having him close to me. Made everything else in the world just seem so much worse than it really was. I am just so glad and grateful to have the Father in which I have. He is so great, and I was just so happy to see how proud he was of me on my wedding day. Having a relationship and a bond with your Dad, I think, is one of the most important things in this world, and I am so incredibly grateful that I have that relationship with him back.