Thursday, June 26, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

So I have yet found another series to get myself addicted to. We finally got all caught up on 24...which totally sucks cuz now we have to wait until January until the new season; however, we managed to find our way to another series to get attached to. I had been trying to get Dustin to watch all the seasons of Grey's Anatomy with me forevvver now but he never would. Well, because we would always just watch 24 instead. But now since I have his sister to watch it with...I can watch it with or without him!! :) Yet, somehow I knew he would eventually get sucked into it...and I have almost succeeded!! Me and Trish watch a couple episodes every night and he always ends up on the couch by the end of the episode. Ha, it will only be time before he gets completely sucked into it. Ya! haha...anyway...this is my first time seeing all the episodes of Grey's anatomy and I am absolutely LOVING it!! ahh, i just had to write about it. It's just soo good! I highly recommend it!

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