Sunday, June 15, 2008

Too much driving.

Well we packed up all our stuff as soon as we had made a decision to take off for Mesa, Arizona. We got in late late Friday night. The drive took absolutely forevvvvver; probably because I had to do all the driving since Dustin had lost his wallet and couldn't exactly legally drive. Well because of him losing his wallet we had to make an extra trip down to Las Cruces, New Mexico so he could get himself a new drivers license so he could get a job. So this afternoon we left from Mesa to Las Cruces and it once again drug on because I was the only one driving. Luckily the drive wasn't 12 hours this time, only 6. :) Ok--so this is the funny part. We get to Las Cruces, visit with his family for a while and then they give him a huge pack of mail and of of the packages in the mail was....HIS WALLET! ha. yep, we drove all the way down here so he could get himself a new drivers license...and well now he has it! So we made an extra trip for nothing....BUT now we get to just visit with his family for a day instead of sitting in at the DMV all morning that's the good part. :) We also got our Official Marriage certificate in the mail as well! woo!! We are finally OFFICIAL! On file and everything!!....wish I could get my name changed already...but I will be more patient and just wait for Utah.

Well besides all that traveling stuff, things are going much better already. Dustin and I spent the whole day job hunting Saturday and Dustin has an interview on Wednesday with Dillard's so we will see how that goes. I haven't had any luck quite yet...but I still have a couple applications to fill out as well. I am planning on making some phone calls by Tuesday and see where that gets me. The area we are in Mesa is soo great. We love it. There are soo many different job opportunities that we should be able to find a job in no time.

Well Dustin got lucky enough to spend the last hours of Father's Day with his Father. It was good to see them. I was really bummed I didn't get to spend Father's Day with my Father but I guess that's what I get for living so freakin' far away from him. :( They were all in Florida and I am sure enjoying the amazing weather in Panama City. I am very quite jealous. I am sure he still had a great Father's Day...and all you other father's out there...Happy Father's Day!!

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Laura said...

Oh man, I remember when adam and I drove from Rexburg to Cleveland...I don't recommend it. So, to Mesa huh? I used to live there. In what part of Mesa are you settling?